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December 29, 2020 4 min read

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re an expecting parent (congratulations, if so) wanting to throw a gender reveal party. Unfortunately though, the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a monkey wrench into the planning of countless gatherings. But don’t worry—Today we want to show you the necessary steps for making sure your gender reveal party is compliant with social distancing, so you, your friends, and your family all stay safe and healthy.

  • Safety First

First of all, we strongly recommend having outdoor gender reveal parties to prevent contagion. Back yards, outdoor event spaces, or even private spots in nature are great! If the season doesn’t permit, or an outdoor party is otherwise infeasible, set up your seats at least six feet apart, provide hand sanitizer, and encourage your guests to wear face masks. Most of all, be familiar with your local/state guidelines for social distancing, and abide by them. Naturally, this isn’t to kill the fun vibes, but rather to ensure the well-being of everyone in attendance!

  • Set The Date

Once you’ve decided on a theme for your gender reveal, it’s important to set a date that works for your guests. Weekends are almost always better than week days, and remember to check to make sure that there are no holidays or other major events overlapping the date you select.

It’s also important to consider what time of day you want the party to occur, and to determine a start and an end time. Most gender reveal parties are kept short and sweet, but of course you can also serve a meal or allow time for your guests to hang out and mingle if you want! 

  • Create Your Budget

Naturally, there is a cost associated with throwing any party, including a gender reveal party. That said, it’s important to determine how much you want to spend. Things to consider include…

  • Location —Will you have your party at home, or will you hold it at an event space or banquet hall?
  • Food — Do you intend to feed your guests? If so, will you serve a meal, or just have simple refreshments?
  • Safety & Cleanliness — As a courtesy, consider providing hand sanitizer and face masks to ensure that your guests stay healthy.
  • Decor —What will the theme of your gender reveal be? This can be simple, elaborate, classic, or unique. 

  • Make a Guest List

Once you’ve created your budget, now it’s time to make your guest list. Friends, family and their significant others and children are all prime candidates! Just make sure you don’t invite so many people that you overspend, and that you are abiding by any local social distancing guidelines.

  • Set a Venue

Depending on your budget and guest list, find a venue that provides enough space for all your guests and then some — This means making sure that there’s ample room for keeping everyone at a safe distance of at least 6 feet when sitting down. We think throwing parties outside in a backyard, park, or private nature spot is a great way to follow social distancing procedures while reducing costs,

  • Send Invitations

Invitations are a fun way to build the excitement for the big reveal, and they can be simple or themed. For example, these "Staches or Lashes" invitations and envelopes, that give spaces for you to fill in where and when details, plus and RSVP number. Alternatively, if your guest list is smaller or you want to go the eco-friendly route, consider sending out an Evite or even just making simple phone calls.

  •    7) Choose Your Decor

Now it’s time for the fun part: Choosing your decorations! Pick a theme for your party — If there are any guests of honor like an expecting mom and dad, consider what kind of theme they would want.

There are many decorations to choose from, but as gender reveal party planner pros, here are our top recommendations:

  • 8) Decide On Food & Drink

If you plan on feeding your guests, then deciding what food and drink you’ll have is crucial. If you’re ordering from a vendor or a kitchen, tell them what your food choices are, and be sure to tell them how many guests to prepare for. 

Otherwise, you can prepare your own food —  If you’re trying to save on costs, we suggest this option! Consider which food items you can prepare a day or two before the event,  which ones must be prepared same-day, and how much you’ll need of each based on your guest count. Be sure to keep in mind perishability, and  the dietary restrictions or preferences of specific guests too!

  • 9) Select a Gender Reveal Product

There’s one reason you’re throwing a party, so we wouldn’t want to forget the most important accessory of all — The one that reveals the gender of your baby!  Here are some of our favorites:

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