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About Us

Savor and share the joy of your special occasions 

When I gave birth to my oldest in 2009, I was bursting with joy and pride. I wanted to shout out loud, “I am a mother!” I wanted the world to celebrate with me. I wanted a room filled with the color and vividness of my feelings.

But instead, all I had were some blue balloons, bobbing along the bare hospital walls.

Beautiful events are my passion.So from my hospital bed, I arranged a delightful themed dessert table in my hospital suite. I posed for pictures with my loved ones, framed by the beautiful spread, and basked in the joy filling the room.

When I moved to Canada, it was only natural to set up shop as an event planner. I spent the next few years creating breathtaking events. 

But I knew that not everyone could - or wanted to - hire a party planner. And the party goods I came across at retailers were often disappointing, either in quality, beauty or ease of use.

I thought to myself,“Doesn’t everyone deserve to celebrate in a beautiful ambience?Why should spectacular celebrations be reserved only for those who hired a party planner, or had time and energy to fiddle with decor for hours?”

That’s why I createdDazzle Your Day- the party goods retailer that makes magnificent events easy.So that YOU can bask in the joy of the moment, surrounded by happy vibes and shared excitement.