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Fabulous Gender Reveal Stickers, Turn Any Box into a Baby Reveal Decoration, Team Boy or Girl Stickers Included, What Will it Be Baby Reveal Party Supplies, 75 pcs

Fabulous gender reveal box sticker kit - Turn any box into a gender reveal decoration - Beautiful & striking design - Super easy to use - Includes 20 stickers
Turn any cardboard box into a gender reveal centerpiece!

Upgrade your party with this fantabulous gender reveal box sticker set by Dazzle Your Day.

You’re planning a DIY, at-home gender reveal party. That doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Even if your tired, cranky, pregnant self has no patience to be busy with complicated decor, you can still get that Instagram-worthy party you dream about.

Dramatic Look for a Dramatic Reveal

These bold vinyl balloon shaped stickers are premium quality and will catch the eye of every visitor. Take any cardboard box lying around your house and apply the stickers.
To prevent bubbles from forming under the sticker, apply pressure in the center first and slowly press outwards. Once the sticker is on, it will stay where it belongs.

Once the outside is complete, you can fill the box with the right color balloons - pink for a girl, blue for a boy, or pink and blue for twins.

Great Photo Backdrop

Once the balloons have been released, you can take pictures with the box as the centerpiece. Preserve the precious memories of your friends and relatives sharing your joy.
And of course, when the party's over, distribute the balloons to the overjoyed kiddoes!

Each kit includes:
1 balloon-shaped text stickers
8 stars
4 hearts.
Larger balloon sticker - trim size of 10.8 inches by 13.3 inches, Smaller text sticker - trim size of 7.2 inches by 9 inches.
Hearts and stars pack.
Use your imagination and place the stickers any way you like them.
Create an Instagram worthy gender reveal party without breaking your back or your budget!
No more worries about designing and printing stickers - just peel and stick.
If you have extra time, some ribbons and cutouts can be added to the box as well.

Delight your expectant friend with a simple but oh-so-perfect gift. There’s nothing they’ll appreciate more than a gift that makes their gender reveal celebration easy-as-pie.
You can also throw in some ribbon and inflatable balloons to give them a real all-in-one party kit.

Satisfaction guaranteed - we’re a family run business and want your party to be perfect! Reach out to us with any questions and concerns and we’ll take care of you ASAP.
1. Spectacular gender reveal party supplies - these striking, easy to use gender reveal decorations turn any 18" x 18" x 24" box into a gender reveal marvel.
2. Create a fun party atmosphere! - draw everyone into the suspense with these dramatic, high-quality balloon-shaped stickers. They’ll add a special touch to your gender reveal celebration.
3. Easy, practical, versatile - take any old cardboard box and follow the simple instructions! In minutes, you’ll have a snazzy-looking gender reveal box.
4. Lots and lots of stickers - there’s enough of each sticker so it can even be used for a twin gender reveal party. (Includes # stickers with a formal design, and # stickers in a more casual design.)
5. Best baby shower gift - delight your friend or relative with a unique, premium gift. Satisfaction guaranteed.